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The Swicorp business model combines its local market knowledge, financial engineering skills with a network of premier corporate clients, and international partners with diverse sets of skills and business characteristics. Whether sectorial, geographical, technical or financial, Swicorp aims at building sustainable alliances that serve as catalysts for the development of ambitious initiatives beyond common boundaries, creating in the process solutions and investment opportunities for the benefits of all concerned.


Over the years, Swicorp developed relationships with numerous international development finance institutions (DFIs), especially in the context of funding projects in emerging countries.


As part of its strategic development, Swicorp became a member of the Oaklins alliance and represents it in the MENA region. Oaklins was created in 1985 to harness the entrepreurial spirit of a group of highly specialized, focused merger and acquisition advisory firms across the globe. Its members advise primarily mid-market companies on acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, divestitures, fund raising and fairness opinions.


Based in Spain, Acciona is a publicly-listed conglomerate active in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. Acciona is the largest global energy company operating exclusively in the renewable energy sector, present in over 20 countries on five continents, working with five technologies: wind, solar photovoltaic, hydroelectricity, biomass and solar thermal. Acciona operates more than 9,600 Megawatts (MW) of own capacity, annually producing some 22 Terawatt-hours (TWh) of emission-free electricity. It has also developed projects for third parties, for whom it has installed almost 2,000 MW. Thanks to its experience of 30 years in the renewable energy sector, the company offers reliable and efficient solutions based on the most advanced technologies. For more information, visit


Foundedin 1958 and based in Seoul, South Korea, KCC Corporation is a publicly-listed multi-billion industrial conglomerate. KCC produces diverse products from exterior and interior construction materials, paints and new materials. KCC is focusing its corporate competency in developing products of high added values based on energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology. For more information, visit


Luminus Education Group is a Jordanian leading provider of technical and vocational education and training. Over the past three decades, Luminus Education has been continually developing through its Founder’s fundamental focus: providing equal education opportunities for all. Luminus Education emphasizes the importance of vocational education and equipping its graduates with the tools they need to triumph over the challenges of today’s economy. From short courses, to one and two year accredited diploma programs, a three year degree program, and professional training for organizations and individuals, Luminus Education is committed to providing training, skillsets and qualifications that provide its graduates with jobs.